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So guys this is my new fic rec post, I’ve read a lot of fanfiction lately so I decided to make this list, so if you are looking for something to read maybe you can found it here. About the one shots, I’ve read a bunch of them so I can’t put all them here but they are in my fic rec tag. Enjoy.
❢ = favorite fics
Completed Fics:
No Strings Attached by brownheadedstranger ❢
Letters To You by  brownheadedstranger  
Hearts Of Ice by dinnerwiththestylinsonss ❢
Happy Thoughts by thewhithetoymaker 
All Work And No Play by darbygirl30fanfic 
Melody In The Locker Room by darbygirl30fanfic
Teacher’s Pet by sometimesitshardtograsp
One Of Her Students by boobearxhazza ❢
Call Me Baby by hammyandbean
Pizza Boy by louisly
Stereo Hearts by thetommo-1d 
Home by thetommo-1d
Dating Harry Styles by quitealotofhair
Missing You by tomlinbus 
Personal Assistance by wildinlove ❢ 
The Babysitter by zougasm
The Bachelor by mylifeslibrary ❢
Beautiful Bird Of The Summer by tomlinsontopia 
Keep Smiling by foreversecretlyyours 
Breaking Point by strangerthanfictions ❢
The Bet by 0pen-at-the-close  ❢
For Angels to Fly by ithinkhesalwayswonderful ❢
Haven’t Met You  by louisly ❢
Daddy’s Alright by be-my-love-one-direction
The Matchmaking Skills of Stanley Lucas by parsleybabe
St. Sebastian’s School for Boys by stylinsonmoments ❢ 
You’ll know it’s just for you by infinitesparks
Look After You by theonewiththelarrystories
Learning to Breathe by drunkharrystyles ❢
The Best Laid Plans by queentommo 
Fall Into Your Gravity by zarah5 ❢
The Perks of Having a Babysitter by a-little-bit-larry
Tweethearts by darkmachinemusings 
Whatever a sun will always sing by larrying
These Inconvenient Fireworks by wontsitstill  ❢
And the reason is you by corruptedlungs ❢
Somewhere New  by brokenbravery ❢
Poor Little Rich Boy by curly-and-boobear-stylinson
The Serendipity House bythispieceofmind
Make Me by harryismyprincess ❢
Toska by cathedralhearts ❢
The Next Big Thing by PoorMedea ❢
Without the Bitter, the Sweet Isn’t As Sweetby isthislove
Ask Me No Questions by mylifeslibrary ❢
A Curious Conundrum of the Heart by alittlebitmorelarry ❢
Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not by stylinsonmoments
Turning From Praise by curly-and-boobear-stylinson ❢
You’ll Never Know by inmyrosegarden ❢
Your Best Line Ever by green_feelings
In This Old Coffee Shop by starsfate
Don’t Look Down by zarah5 ❢
Fading by tothemoonmydear ❢
You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope

Fics in progress:
Forbidden by sometimesitshardtograsp (Teacher’s Pet Sequel) 
Sew Your Heart to My Sleeve by ithinkhesalwayswonderful ❢ 
Those Sad Blue Eyes by boobearxhazza ❢
Lego House by danceinstylinson ❢
Somewhere Only We Know by danceinstylinson ❢
Smile For Him by abigailwrites ❢
Home Is Wherever I’m With You by boolondon ❢
Seven Heaven by condescendingsmirk ❢
Sealed With A Kiss by wildinlove ❢
Anarchy in the U.K by hazzaandbooarebetterthanyou
Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife ❢
Touch by kotabear24 ❢
Soho Square by stylinsonmoments
If I Fall for You by scoobysnacksfix
Human Form by 1DPossessed ❢
One way or another, I’m gonna getcha by victoriax
Pull Me Under by zarah5 ❢
One Shots (most of them):

You’ve Always Been Mine by boobearxhazza ❢
Harry’s Birthday by boobearxhazza (One of Her Students One Shot)
Moving by brownheadedstranger (No Strings Attached One Shot)
To Slow Down The Time by brownheadedstranger 
If You’re For Real and Not Pretend by brownheadedstranger ❢
For A While by brownheadedstranger❢
I Just Want To Know You by brownheadedstranger (Sequel to For A While)❢
Give Me A Hand? by failureisntfallingdown
Grow Into You by lorinhazuzu ❢
Jealousy by failureisntfallingdown
Truth Or Dare? by failureisntfallingdown
52 Birthdays with Lou by sometimesishardtograsp❢
15 Days of One Shots by sometimesishardtograsp
To See The Headmaster by stylesoftheshire
As School Boys From Their Books by colazitron❢
Extended Metaphors by jannika❢
Bit of Rebellion by thesecretlifeoflarrystylinson
Sleeping Sickness by stylinist
Best First Date by stylinist❢
Watch Me Fall Apartby stylinist❢
Nothing Safe is Worth the Drive by owlourry
A chance of overtime, say, my place at nine by folkloric_feel❢
I Lay Here Like a Petal From a Fallen Rose by brokenbravery❢
Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City by ithacas❢
Infinity On Your Skin by ologist
This Christmas by colazitron❢
Come Close And Then Even Closer by CassieHayes
Wait For You by houisandlarry
Share All Your Secrets Tonight by louis-and-his-lostboy
Blackjacks Running Down My Back by dangerbears❢
Many Moons Have Come and Goneby dangerbears (sequel to Blackjacks Running Down My Back)
The World’s Not Waiting by drunktuesdays
Honey With You And a Little Powered Radio  by stylinsacred ❢
Open Arms by colazitron❢
After Me Comes The Flood by queenmcgonagall ❢
All Of My Intentions Were True by onewasturning
All The Yesterdays by queenmcgonagall ❢
And I’ll be Making History Like I Do by eyesonfire ❢
Anything You Ask And More by mentalistecbm
A Sun Too Hot To Go Down by brownheadedstranger
Baby, How We Spoon Like No One Else by brownheadedstranger ❢
Call Me Home and I Will Build a Throne by queenmcgonagall ❢
‘Cause I Love You More Than a Promise by judgementdays
Compulsion by limpdickmirrorpic
Cookies, Notes and Blokes by Tita
Darcy’s Dad by DeadBegonia ❢
Don’t Unplug Me Or Shut Me Down by slashter ❢
Don’t Be Told It Can’t Be Done by brokenbravery ❢
Drawing Circles In Water by dangerbears
Everything, Everything by ohnoscarlett
Extended Metaphors, I Get Carried Away by jannika ❢
Foolishly, Completely Falling by Dea (dea_liberty) ❢
Glitter And Helium by starseas 
Going Nowhere Fast by starseas
Grow Into You by lorinhazuzu ❢
Hey by rockinaintnowalkinthepark ❢
Higher Than Before by starseas
I could be your new addiction by thispieceofmind ❢
I’ll Breathe Your Air Into My Lungs by loube ❢
I’m A Beggar In The Morning (I’m A King At Night) by writtensoul ❢
I’m A Moon At Midnight by thatswhatlarrysaid
In All Honesty by quitealotofhair
It’s All Brand New Because of You by supernope ❢
It’s Just That It’s Delicate by acciocreativity 
Just a Memory (and all that we could’ve been) by trustingno1
Like Moths To A Flame by whywouldieverpushlouisoffthebed ❢
Love Me Like You Do by cathedralhearts ❢
Magic by hazzalouis
Milk and Honey by larrying
Monsters at Home by theteapirate ❢
My Friend by PoorMedea
Never Shut Us Down by togetherwecouldbealright
Not Fortune’s Fool by eleadore ❢
On That Blue Ocean Floor by writtensoul ❢
Open My Eyes in the Right Way by amlour
Researching Volcanoes, And Blowing My Mind by vashtaneradas ❢
Rock Those Blue Jeans, Baby by shakespearesque
Show Me Something by amyuh
Sing The Blues, And Swallow Them Too by drivetothestars ❢
Skip A Heartbeat by fackinglouis ❢
Speaking of Marvels by navigator, quitter ❢
Star Theory by starseas ❢
Stealing Romance by Turtles 
Sweeter Than Strings by polkadotpeacoat
Talk Dirty When You Talk To Me by dreamofonedirectionserections ❢
That’s Not Our Deal by brownheadedstranger
These Roads We Stumble Down by onewasturning ❢
The Wall by Rory_Croft 
The Years Haven’t Changed You by stylesoftheshire ❢
This Shifting Ground by zarah5 ❢
Time to Pretend by thispieceofmind 
Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) by sunsetmog ❢
Up to the Hills by mcpofife
We Took The Slow Way by dangerbears ❢
We Will Put the Lonesome on the Shelf by judgementdays
You’re The Key by strawberryskylines
Your Flowers Bloom And Fall by kotabear24 ❢
For the Bold by colazitron
He stars in your eyes light up the sky by goalposts-fic❢
Apple Crumble by brokenbravery-stories❢
Dance With Me Tonight  by thatlarrything
We took the slow way by dangerbears❢
This Christmas, Why Not Give Your Friend Your Heart by colazitron❢
If it ain’t coming out, we’re not going anywhere by goalposts-fic❢
It’s a Bittersweet Symphony by -1dfiction
Kisses for Charity by gravityinglass
Couple Fight  by gravityinglass
The Price of Eggnog by tommos-eyelashes
Kissable by alohoran
Teenage Dream by alohoran
New Years Eve by alohoran
Whipped by zouissexcam
Stormy Weather Leads to Horny Mischief by wemetinthetoilets
Tan Lines by stylesoftheshire❢
Marry Me by brownheadedstranger
Baby We’re on Fire by larrying❢
Good Service by lnr_fics (you need to join the community)❢
Sheets are swaying by infinitesparks❢
Have a nice time by infinitesparks❢
Never Mind the Furthermore by lnr_fics (you need to join the community)❢
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So guys this is my new fic rec post, I’ve read a lot of fanfiction lately so I decided to make this list, so if you are looking for something to read maybe you can found it here. About the one shots, I’ve read a bunch of them so I can’t put all them here but they are in my fic rec tag. Enjoy.

❢ = favorite fics

Completed Fics:

Fics in progress:
One Shots (most of them):
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